What Is “The Serpent Seed”?

The Serpent Seed “Reconsidered”

John Ch.8 is often used as the foundation for the teaching that says Cain was the “biological” (literal seed of the Serpent) rather than the spiritual son of Satan. Ironically this is the chapter, when read in context, that actually proves the opposite. I don’t know how I missed this for 20 years, but by the grace of God I can now finally see it. I pray you will as well.

Tares vs. Wheat: Opposing “Spiritual” rather than “Biological” Offspring

The Parable of The Tares in Matthew 13 is the #1 go to place in the Bible for those attempting to prove that Cain was the literal offspring of the Devil and Eve and that his descendants inhabit this earth still today. I know, I used this parable for over 20 years to do just that. However, when read in context, within the parable itself and with the rest of scripture, the parable does just the opposite.

Who Are The Kenites If They Are Not The Son’s Of Cain?

Jethro the father in-law of Moses was a “Kenite” living in the land of Midian (Judges 1:16; Exodus 2:15). Throughout the Bible we find that the Kenites were a tribe of people who shared a close kinship to Israel through Moses’ wife Zipporah. It even appears as though the Kenites later became absorbed into the tribe of Judah altogether.

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What Really Is The Key Of David?

The Key of David isn’t something that individuals possess like some teach. It isn’t the ability to tell if someone is a true Jew or not. It’s a key that “only” Jesus has, and it represents his authority over all access, treasures, subjects, and anything pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Has he opened the door for you?

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Who Are The Lost Sheep Of Israel Jesus Said He Came For?

Acts Chapter 2 settles a number of issues concerning the LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL:

1. A number of Israelites living among many nations far from Jerusalem still knew they were biological Israelites when they came to Jerusalem on Pentecost Day (vs. 5-10). They had not lost their identity.

2. The terms “Israel” and “Jew” are used interchangeably in this chapter, just like the rest of the NT (vs.5,14,22,36).

3. The “men of Israel” were accused of being responsible for killing Jesus, not the Kenites (vs. 22-23).

4. Those present at Pentecost knew where the “House of Israel” lived after the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities because they came from them, they lived among them, and were told to tell their fellow Israelites back home that Jesus was crucified for them (vs.36). Therefore many if not most of the so-called “lost Israelites” still knew they were Israelites.

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False Jews vs. True Jews

Most of the biological sons of Judah rejected Jesus making them “false” Jews. Jesus is the only way to the Father and without Jesus one cannot be part of God’s chosen people.

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The Overcomers Are “True” Israel

Many Christians look to the modern day Israeli nation or unbelieving Jews as the “chosen” people of God and they foolishly support political Zionism. Others believe America and Europe are actually the true children of Israel by physical lineage. But in reality “True Israel” are born again believers in Jesus Christ (from any race) and that’s the ONLY way one can become part of Israel.

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